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Dr. Prof. Syed Ameeruddin - Chairman & Correspondent.

Teachers have a challenging role to play in todays technologically advance  society. Their role is very complex- to assimilate the post and to infuse the latest   social and cultural attitudes of the past to infuse the latest social and cultural attitudes of the present into their profession. For this, a young teacher of today must be well equipped. For this, a teacher apart from the basic skills, must also want here and all around perception of the knowledge and information of the past , present and the narrow . He must envisage the future social development s that effect a change in  the years to come .

A teacher is basically a motivator . His motivation should be all comprehensive . Imparting information must lead to knowledge , and knowledge , ultimately must assimilate into wisdom.

A teaching was to be only a skill then thousands of those who wish to be teachers can become the best. There have been instances of teachers who despite having thorough knowledge of the their subjects are still unable to express or put their ideas across, which means that they lack communication skills. Then there have been instances wherein, though the matter to be explained has been well relayed  the receptive abilities of the students may not have been titillated, thereby making that particular session a one way communication, that is there was no communication in totality - which should ideally be a fine-tuning combination of both transmission & reception abilities. A skill can be a well defined activity which sans creativity can repeatedly produce the desired end results with marginal effects. It could also be a systematic approach to a repeated standard problem with different levels of inputs to achieve the known results. When teaching becomes a skill - the aim would be to produce good results in the examinations. The ultimate goal of   would be only to make students score high marks in the examinations. Therefore the problem is well defined and is repetitive. Hence, it creates a need for skill development programs to the student educator. Thereby, a systematic flow chart is prepared to train and test the students ability to receive, retain & deliver the information fed as input to get the desired output. There are many ways by which this could be achieved and one of the major tool which guarantees success is Memory Training. The primary aim of memory training is to condition the brain to accept information without questioning either the past or the future of the information that is being processed. This task ultimately makes the brain a complete dictionary, wherein there are loads of information but no special ability to create or endeavor.

The need to create and endeavor is of primary concern to learning, because the objective of learning is not to memorize the creative efforts of someone and repeat, but to further enhance the concept and the idea with individual inputs on the same or newer fronts for the betterment of humanity.

The effort is not only to establish factories or organizations where pre-designed concepts and ideas take shape but to nurture the research and development labs to bring out and contribute to the world, newer ideas and thoughts, to become pioneers in thinking and establish thinking labs, where people with amazing thinking abilities take on new challenges and solve them. The ability of the thinking mind is enormous but unfortunately untapped. There should be an atmosphere, where the creative talent should be kindled. And that should be done at the basic level, to condition the brain to feel the hunger to hunt and desire to explore and to finally question the very existence of all that exists. Unless the questions why, how & what are asked, we will not move forward.

Asking such questions do not fall under the standard parameters of teaching as a skill, but they are totally of a different breed and require higher intellectual levels. The key to inculcate such complex thought processing into the young minds require passion to teach and to impart information that is processed into knowledge and ultimately into wisdom. Be it any field, the passion to the profession opens new gates and creates abundant opportunities to try and evolve newer theories to challenge the said and find the unsaid. Thereby making the students aware of not only the past, present but also the future.

A teacher of today must prepare students to face the challenges of the globalization and modern technology. He must make the students attune and aware to all that is taking place around him, with firm footings in the genuine humanitarian values, which will make them preserve and establish - Brotherhood - peace and harmony in the society .

About the Chairman :

Dr. Prof. Syed Ameeruddin is the Chairman & Correspondent of Prof.S.A. College of Education, Chemmancherry, Chennai-119. Renowned world poet in critic in English with a large collection of poems to his credit. He has traveled abroad on numerous occasions to give lectures and share his thoughts on poetry, education and world peace. He has put more than 30 yrs of experience in the field of teaching at the college and university level. He has encouraged students to nurture their creative abilities. He has a lot of critical assessments on his works. Many are doing doctorate on his writings. He is a social activist, philosopher and thinker.

Prof. S.A. College of Education started with a noble goal of establishing an institution with a difference aiming at excellence to train and charm out ideal teachers with real zeal and passion to face the challenges of our time to uphold and inspire the younger generation to be realistic and pragmatic, at the same time with the inclination to dream high and look forward.

This speech was delivered at the First Graduation Day Celebration, held at the college campus. The Chief Guest was Dr. Avvai Natarajan - Former Vice Chancellor, Tamil University, Thanjavur, who delivered the Graduation Day Address. Dr. Ravi Baarathi, noted tamil poet was the guest of honour. The function was conducted on 25th July 2009 at 3.00 pm in the college campus. All the students were awarded their B.Ed. Degrees and meritorious students were honored with medals and awards. The college has launched their website : www.psacen.com , which provides useful information to the students regarding education and job opportunities. Also it has uploaded the resumes of their students to cater to the requirements of other educational institutions.


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